County Committee Meeting

Meeting Day/Time: It is vital that we keep the meeting on track and end on time so as not to incur additional costs. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thursday, September 29th
Doors Open @ 6:00PM
Call to Order @ 7:00PM
Adjournment @ 9:00PM

Meeting Location:

The Gymnasium @ Denny Farrell Riverbank State Park
679 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10031


Parking – Limited parking will be available on site. While everyone is encouraged to use public transportation, those that must drive should request a parking pass from the security booth once they drive on to the site.

Subway – Attendants can take the 1 Train to 145th Street and walk directly west towards the Hudson River through the entrance of the park over the bridge

Bus – Attendants can take the BX19, M101, or M5 bus directly into the park at the entrance of the gymnasium

Check-In Procedure:
{2022 Procedure}

-Attendees will enter the gym to check-in and sit with their Assembly District at the designated section. Deference should be given to older attendees and those with disabilities for usage of chairs and the first few rows of the bleachers.
-If attendees do not know their Assembly District, they can check with volunteers at the table by the gymnasium doors. Names will be organized in alphabetical order by FIRST NAME.
-District Leaders are needed at their designated section to check-in County Committee Members. Kyle will provide District Leaders with updated member lists.
-District Leaders will report to Kyle once quorum has been met. Quorum requires the presence of at least 25 County Committee Members from an Assembly District.
-District Leaders will provide completed check-in lists back to Kyle so we can call the meeting to order.

Proxies: Our rules provide that proxies can only be used after 9:00PM, and only by County Committee Members who were present for the meeting but had to leave.
-This should NOT be relevant as it is vital that we end the meeting no later than 9:00PM.
-Just in case, Kyle will have some printed proxies available.