What is the New York County Democratic Committee?

The New York County Democratic Committee is the official Democratic political organization in New York County (the borough of Manhattan). Through working with the democratic committees and clubs at both the local, state and national level, the New York County Democratic Committee seeks to promote and to protect the democratic ideals of those living in Manhattan.

What is the County Leader?

The County Leader is the official head of the New York County Democratic Committee. Elected every year by a vote of the County Committee, the County Leader serves as the figure head of the party, calling all meetings and facilitating constructive dialogue.

To learn more about current and past county leaders please click here.

What are Democratic Clubs?

Democratic clubs are comprised of dedicated individuals who seek to have local Democrats elected to various political offices throughout the borough of Manhattan, New York City. In order to be considered an official club, a district leader has to be a member. Apart from being interested in having certain individuals elected to offices, democratic clubs seek to engage and inform the public on democratic events and issues happening throughout Manhattan.

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What are District Leaders?

A District Leader is an unpaid volunteer elected official. All formal parties in New York State are required to have at least one District Leader (DL) per Assembly District (AD). These positions are subject to primary elections every two years. This ostensibly guarantees that any party with formal status in New York State (e.g. a permanent ballot line) is democratically governed by its members. In essence, the District Leader is the representative of the party members in their district to that political party’s apparatus.

To view a list of current District Leaders click here.

What is County Committee?

The county committee is comprised of members who are elected from all election districts in the Manhattan borough. The New York County Democratic Committee is the largest county party in the state and has the advantage of having the largest weighted vote at state Democratic Party conventions. Their work includes endorsing candidates, electing county officers, and electing a Democratic Nominee in special elections within the county Assembly, State Senate, and Congress.

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