State Committee Members

Just like in the County Party, registered Democrats elect representatives to the State Party during the Primary.

Find my Assembly District (AD)

AD Sex First Name Last Name Email
65 F Jenny Low
65 M Christopher Marte
66 F Rachel Lavine
66 M Ben Yee
67 M Marc Landis
67 F Debra Cooper
68 F Tamika Mapp
68 M Bill Perkins
69 M Daniel Cohen
69 F Lynn Thomas
70 M Londel Davis, Jr.
70 F Yasmin Cornelius,
71 F Maria Luna
71 M Nobles Crawford
72 F Nayma Silver;
72 M Hector Vasquez;
73 M Conrad Foa
73 F Bessie Schachter
74 F Michelle D. Winfield;
74 M Anthony Feliciano
75 F Francine Haselkorn,
75 M Louis Cholden-Brown
76 F Lauren Trapanotto
76 M Adam Roberts