Introducing #TransparencyTuesdays

Hi, I’m Ben Yee, the new New York County Party Secretary.

New York County is a leader in a lot of ways. Today, we’re becoming a leader in transparency. Politics in America, especially party politics can be complicated and opaque. But it’s also how our cities, states and our country are governed. So, we want to help you understand the role that you play, and how that impacts the role of the New York County Democratic Committee.

On Tuesdays we’ll be highlighting  important information on this site and posting about the decisions your representatives in the Democratic Party are making. We’ll also be posting about how the party system works, what it does and how you have a say.

Why Tuesdays? Well, I was going to do it on Sundays but #TransparencySunday doesn’t have the same ring.

So tune in on Tuesday for some information on how American parties and politics really work. And be sure to follow us at and on twitter with the handle @manhattandems.

Highlighted this Tuesday:

  • We’ve started posting our minutes online! Notes from last two meetings can be viewed here. They contain the election of the County Committee Executive Board Leadership and a vote to select a Democratic Nominee for Civil Court Judge.

  • Our District Leader  and Democratic Club lists have been updated since the election last September. Don’t know your District Leader or Club? Find them and get involved!

  • We’ve been tweeting! Part of transparency is letting you know what’s happening when it’s happening. Check out what went down at the 66th Assembly District Division Meeting and Downtown Independent Democratic Clubs last Sunday. Also check out my twitter @yben for live-tweeting of important county events.

We’re just getting started. Over the coming weeks and months we hope to make our website a resource for New Yorkers to learn not just how to get involved in the Democratic Party, but why it’s so much more important than people think.

Questions or comments? Reach out to the party’s Executive Director Cathleen McCadden at or me at