2017 Civil Court Independent Judicial Screening

In April 0f this year, Independent Judicial Civil Court Screening Panels were convened to screen candidates for the endorsement of the Democratic Party for two (2) New York County-wide Civil Court vacancies, (1) one vacancy in the 5th Civil Court District, and (1) vacancy in the 9th Civil Court Districts, to be filled in the November 8, 2017 General Election after the September 12, 2017 Primary Election. The following individuals were designated to County-wide panel:

  1. Barrie, Susan – National Lawyers Guild
  2. Binns, Christopher – Chair (MBBA)
  3. Bloom, Jeffrey – Chair (New York State Trial Lawyers Association)
  4. Cittadino, Joshua – Colombian Lawyers Association
  5. Cole, Cassye – Chair (Association of Black Women Attorneys)
  6. Delince, Patrick J. (NELA – NY)
  7. Espinosa, Jeanette- Chair (PRBA)
  8. Fitzgerald, Christopher – (Brehon Law Society)
  9. Grippo, Jonathan – Jewish Community Relations Council
  10. Hill, Julian (NAACP- Mid Manhattan)
  11. Hoffman, David (Jewish Lawyers Guild)
  12. Jacobs, Fran – (NYC Bar Association)
  13. Jentsch. Bernadette – Chair (MFY Legal Services)
  14. Kolod, Alexandra – (Le-Gal)
  15. Malik, Merium – Chair (Muslim Bar Association of NYC)
  16. Mateo, Ray – (Hispanic Bar Association)
  17. Min, Richard – Asian Americans for Equality
  18. Ogulluk, Sevan – American Bar Association
  19. Paramio, Omar Almanzar – Chair (Dominican Bar Association)
  20. Park, E. Grace – Chair (Korean American Lawyers)
  21. Polner, Kira – New York Law School
  22. Sundt, Jennifer (New York Women’s Bar)
  23. Varghese, Vinoo – (Asian American Bar)
  24. Wu, Jason – Chair (Association of Legal Aid Attorneys)

On May 2, 2017, the Independent Judicial Screening Panel for Civil Court reported the following candidates as most highly qualified for two (2) county-wide Civil Court vacancies and a single vacancies in the 5th and 9th Civil Court District:

  1. Suzanne Adams
  2. Lawrence Bosley
  3. Ariel Chesler
  4. Hilary Gingold
  5. Elyssa Kates
  6. Phaedra Perry
  7. Leslie stroth
  8. Richard Tsai
  9. Kathleen Waterman

Thank you to the panel and its administrator for their diligent work.

Curtis Arluck and Louise Dankberg
Co-Chairs, Judiciary Committee