Judicial Convention

Dear Democrats,

On September 17th, the New York County Democratic Committee held its 2013 Judicial Convention. We pride ourselves in selecting the most qualified and diverse judicial candidates. This year there were fourteen candidates for Supreme Court:

Hon. Arlene Bluth
Hon. Raymond Bruce
Hon. Arthur Engoron
Hon. Kathryn Freed
Hon. Marcy Friedman
Hon. Barbara Jaffe
Hon. Debra James
Hon. Tanya Kennedy
Hon. Kelly O’Neil Levy
Hon. Andrea Masley
Hon. Peter Moulton
Hon. Robert Reed
Hon. Lori Sattler
Hon. Anil Singh

All judicial candidates go through by an independent screening panel comprised of bar associations and local civic and community organizations. The 2013 independent screen panel found all of the fourteen candidates to be highly qualified. This made the selection process difficult for our Judicial delegates, but the they selected Debra James, Anil Singh, and Peter Moulton. The New York County screening panel process has ensured that only qualified candidates with the right judicial philosophy are deemed appropriate for selection, and this successful group will prove the panel proud.

I would like to thank this year’s panel members and it’s administrator for their hard work and dedication. The nomination of members of the judiciary is one of the most important responsibilities of the County organization, and I take pride in the integrity of the process and will continue to ensure that the candidates are as diverse as our great city.


Keith L.T. Wright
County Leader
New York County Democratic Committee