2014 New York County Democratic Committee Announces Screening Panel for State Supreme Court Vacancies

        On July 9th, 2014, the New York County Democratic Committee announced the formation of a screening panel to report on candidates for the nomination of the Democratic Party for the two (2) vacancies on the New York State Supreme Court, First Judicial District (New York County), which will be filled in the November 2014 General Election.  The chief operation officer of numerous bar associations, community organizations, and law schools designated the following members to the panel, which will report the three (3) “most highly qualified” candidates from among the seven applicants (all lower court judges) for the one (1) “open” seat.

Carla Cheung, Esq., Asian American Bar Association of NY

Michelle Chui, Esq., Asian Americans for Equality

Beth Hofmeister, Esq., Association of Legal Aid Attorneys

Elizabeth Connolly Esq., Brehon Law Society

Vivien G. Naim, Esq., Cardozo Law School

Ottavio Mannarino, Esq., Columbian Lawyers Association

Luis F. Molano, Esq., Community Healthcare Network

Marlon Peterson, Fortune Society

Stephen Rutenberg, Esq., Jewish Community Relations Council of New York

Shoshana T. Bookson, Esq., Jewish Lawyers Guild

Sung Wan Kim, Esq., Korean American Lawyers Association of Greater New York

Gretchen Robinson, Esq., Metropolitan Black Bar Association

Sharon D. Long, N.A.A.C.P. Mid-Manhattan Branch

Laura Schnell, Esq., National Employment Lawyers Association/N.Y.C.

Susan Barrie, Esq., Nationals Lawyers Guild, New York City Chapter

Kim Mosolf, Esq., Neighborhood Defenders Service of Harlem

Phil Pierre, New York Urban League

Virginia Lopreto, Esq., New York State Women’s Bar Assn., N.Y.C. Section

Carmen Pacheco, Esq., Puerto Rican Bar Association

Harley Diamond, Esq., LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York

Gregory G. Ballard, Esq., The New York City Bar

Jonathan Lupkin, Esq., New York State Bar Assn., Commercial & Federal Litigation Section

Meryl Iris Schwartz, Esq., New York State Trial Lawyers

Rebecca Roiphe, Esq., New York Law School