Minutes #1! Election of Executive Board Leadership

County Committee Executive Board Meeting 9/30/15

Location: Sylvia’s Also, 318 Lenox Ave, New York, NY
There was a buffet at Sylvia’s. That alone should be incentive to get involved in local politics.

I. Election of the County Executive Board Leadership
The County Committee Executive Board is comprised of District Leaders, elected directly by Democratic Primary Voters, and the County Committee Chair and Secretary, elected by the the New York County Committee.

The below positions should not be confused with the County Committee Leadership

A. Election of County Leader
Louise Dankberg nominates Keith Wright, Seconded by Alesia
No other nominations, Keith Wright is elected by acclamation.

B. Election of Executive Board Chair
Sandro nominates Louise Dankberg
No other nominations, Louise Dankberg is elected by acclamation

C. Election of Executive Board Vice Chair
Charles Buckwald nominates Tiffany Townsend
No other nominations, Tiffany Townsend is elected by acclamation

II. Adjournment

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