Minutes: February 7th County Committee Nomination for Special Election of Assembly Member

For a brief video of how this process works, check out Secretary Yee’s “The Election You Never Heard Of“.

I. Meeting called to order by Jeanine Johnson at 3:05PM

II. Temporary Officer Appointments

  • Credentials chair Cathleen McCadden

  • Chief Teller Domenico Minerva

III. Credentials Chair Report

  • Quorum of 30% present

  • Vacancies

    • ED 13: 2 vacancies

    • ED 14: 1 vacancy

    • ED 15: 1 vacancy

    • ED 37: 2 vacancies

    • ED 38: 1 vacancy due to member not living in District

    • ED 43: 1 vacancy

    • ED 61: 1 vacancy due to member not living in District

    • ED 62: 1 vacancy due to member not living in District

    • ED 67: 1 vacancy

  • Jennie Low moves to approve the report

    • Seconded by Pedro cardi

  • Report approved

IV. Election of Permanent Officers

  • Chair

    • Paul Newell nominated Jeanine Johnson for Chair

    • Justin Yu seconds

    • Jeanine Johnson is elected by voice vote

  • Secretary

    • Karen Blatt nominates Ben Yee secretary

    • Alice Cancel seconds

    • Ben Yee is elected by voice vote

V. Adoption of Rules

  • Domenico Minerva moves to adopt the rules

  • Chung Seto seconds

  • Rules adopted by voice vote

VI. Appointment of Committee to Fill Vacancies

  • Jenifer Rajkumar moves to appoint Domenico Minerva, Jeanine Johnson and Keith Wright

  • Rosie Mendez seconds

  • The appointments are approved by voice vote

— A point of order Point of Order is raised regarding county committee vacancy filling by Samuel Chiera —

  • There was a district Divisional meeting to fill vacancies before the meeting. However, the names were not submitted before 72 hour deadline.

  • An objection was filed by Samuel Chiera

VII. Nomination of Democratic Candidate for the 4/16 Special Election for the Vacant Assembly Seat in the 65th District

  • Speeches – speech order is alphabetical and was determined and agreed to prior to the meeting.

    • Alice Cancel – District Leader

    • Gigi Lee – Community Board 3 Chair

    • Paul Newell – District Leader

    • Yuh-Line Niou- withdrew candidacy

    • Jenifer Rajkumar – District Leader

  • Voting

    • If no candidate receives a majority voting on the first ballot, voting will continue in subsequent ballots. Candidate must receive at least 20% of the vote to pass to the next round of balloting.

VIII. Recess for Counting of the Vote

  • Speeches by representatives from the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns

    • Clinton represented by Melissa Sklarz

    • Sanders represented by Arthur Schwartz

IX. Results

  • Alice Cancel wins in the nomination with 5,870 weighted votes

  • Paul Newell garners 1770.5 weighted votes

  • Jenifer Rajkumar garners 634.6 weighted votes

  • Yuh-Line Niou garners 93 weighted votes

X. Adjournment

  • Alice Cancel addresses and thanks attendees; moves to adjourn

  • Rosie Mendez seconds

  • meeting adjourns at 5:30PM