Announcing the Results of the 2019 Supreme Court Independent Screening Panel

On August 1, 2019, the Independent Judicial Screening Panel for Supreme Court reported the following candidates as most highly qualified for two (2) Supreme Court vacancies. On behalf of the Manhattan Democratic Party, County Leader Keith L.T. Wright and Judiciary Co-Chairs Curtis Arluck & Louise Dankberg sincerely thank the panel and its administrator for their diligent work; and we congratulate the candidates.

Hon. Shawn Kelly
Hon. Jennifer Schechter
Hon. Carol Sharpe
Hon. Tatanisha James
Hon. Gerald Lebovits
Hon. Paul Goetz
Hon. Melissa Crane
Hon. Lisa Sokoloff
Hon. Machelle Sweeting
Hon. David Cohen
Hon. Dakota Ramseur
Hon. Sabrina Kraus
Hon. Martin Shulman
Hon. Louis Nock
Hon. JJ Kelley
Hon. Cori Weston
Hon. Lyle Frank
Hon. Margaret Chan
Hon. Althea Drysdale