NEW YORK, NY (August 29, 2019) – On the evening of Wednesday, August 28, 2019, the duly elected District Leaders of the Manhattan Democratic Party—otherwise known as the Executive Committee of the New York County Democratic Committee—gathered for their monthly meeting. These regular meetings, open to the public and simultaneously streamed via Facebook Live, provide the leadership of Manhattan’s local Democratic Party the opportunity to conduct internal business, plan events, select dates, and otherwise carry out the statutory functions of the party.

On the agenda for the August meeting was the task of electing the Executive Committee leadership to serve a new two-year term. Upon motions from the floor, Keith L.T. Wright (70th AD), Louise Dankberg (74th AD), and Tiffany Townsend (74th AD) were re-elected to serve as County Leader, Executive Committee Chair, and Executive Committee Vice-Chair respectively.

“It has been an absolute honor and a privilege to serve you all. We probably have one of the most diverse counties in New York City,” said County Leader Keith L.T. Wright. “It’s been an honor trying to keep our county together and make sure we stay as cohesive as possible. We have a lot of work to do. We’ve become very transparent in a lot of ways. And we can reel off all sorts of successes; but certainly, the big thing is, this time next year—and the time to start is now—we need to make sure that Donald Trump is a one-term president,” he said to applause from those in attendance.

The Manhattan Democratic Party is wrapping up what has been a busy summer, from executing a truly independent screening process to evaluate Supreme Court candidates, to the 2019 Judicial Convention held earlier this month, electing several new District Leaders throughout the island, to launching a new online store where supporters can purchase merchandise. In the coming weeks and months, the party will host its biennial County Committee meeting, and the much-anticipated Demmy Awards.

Those who wish to get involved and support the grassroots work of their local Manhattan Democratic Party are encouraged to visit: