2016 Supreme Court Independent Screening Panel

The New York County Democratic Committee has announced the formation of an Independent Screening Panel to report on candidates for the nomination of the Democratic Party for one incumbent and four vacancies on the New York State Supreme Court, 1st Judicial District (New York County), which will be filled in the November general election. The heads of numerous bar associations, community organizations and law schools have been invited to nominate members of the panel, which will be directed to report a total of no more than the fifteen most highly qualified candidates for the five vacancies and review whether the incumbents service merit continuation.

Candidates for the Court may obtain applications from the Administrator of the panel, Mr.
Cyril K. Bedford, via email at KBedford@BedfordSoumas.com​​beginning July 7, 2016 at 10AM.

Questions concerning this year’s panel should be directed via email to the Panel Administrator or the New York County Democratic Committee office at (212) 687­6540. The deadline for submitting completed applications is July 18, 2016, 2PM.