New York County Democratic Committee Independent Screening Panel for State Supreme Court Vacancies


The New York County Democratic Committee has announced the formation¬†of an Independent Screening Panel to report on candidates for nomination by the Democratic Party for one incumbent and four vacancies on the New York State Supreme Court vacancies, 1st Judicial District (New York County), which will be filled in the November general election. The chief operation officer of numerous bar associations, community organizations, and law schools designated the following members to the panel, which will report no more than the twelve most highly qualified candidates for the three Civil Court vacancies and review whether the incumbent’s service merits continuation.

Anthony P. Luckie, Columbian Lawyers Association
Bruce N. Lederman, Jewish Lawyers Guild
Christine Bae, Korean American Lawyers Association of Greater New York
Christoper Carrion, Puerto Rican Bar Association
Daniela Nanau, National Employment Lawyers Association/New York
Deborah Riegel. Esq., New York City Bar Association
Diana Wong, Asian Americans for Equality
Elba Galvan, Esq., National Lawyers Guild, New York City Chapter
Josh Silber, New York State Trial Lawyers Association
Juan Gonzalez, Hispanic Bar Association
Kenny Louis, Women’s City Club
Kersuze Morancy, Metropolitan Black Bar Association
Lesley Horton Campbell, Esq., NAACP, Mid Manhattan Branch
Marea L. Wachsman, Esq., Women’s Trial Lawyer Caucus
Meredith Miller, The LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York (Le-Gal)
Merium Malik, Esq., Muslim Bar Association of New York City
Micahel A. Mosberg, Esq., American Academy of Matrimonial Law
Nial MacGiollabhui, Esq., Brehon Law Society
Shu’aib Abdur-Raheem, Fortune Society
Susan Bender, New York Women’s Bar Association
Dai Wai Chin Feman
Trina Moore
Brenda Gill