2016 New York County Supreme Court Independent Judicial Screening Panel Report

The First Department of the Appellate Division of the State of New York is home to the finest members of the New York State Bar. New York County is filled with brilliant attorneys who aspire to the civil court, transcend to the supreme court, enhance the appellate division and ultimately shape the nation on the New York State Court of Appeals. New York County jurists have also done remarkable things on the federal bench.

In 2016, New York County saw candidates and sitting jurists with unprecedented talent and legal acumen. Many have changed the course of history, providing society with brave interpretations of the law and delivering justice in their various courtrooms. The independent judicial screening process employed by the New York County Democratic Committee has served this County, City, State and Country well. On behalf jolietta in canada of the New York County Democratic Committee and the people of the 1st Judicial District, we thank all those involved, particularly the hundreds of volunteer panel members who have served since 1977, for raising the bar for jurists and the administration of justice nation wide.

Thank you also to the panel and its administrator, Cyril K. Bedford, Esq. for their diligent work.

On July 19, 2016 the New York County Supreme Court Independent Judicial Screening Panel met and began the process of screening candidates for the nomination of the Democratic Party, at its Judicial Convention to be filled in the November General election. The panel screened four incumbents and several candidates for five vacancies on the New York State Supreme Court, 1st Judicial District (New York County). The following individuals were designated to serve on the panel by the corresponding organizations:

Anthony P. Luckie, Columbian Lawyers Association
Bruce N. Lederman, Jewish Lawyers Guild
Christine Bae, Korean American Lawyers Association of Greater New York
Christoper Carrion, Domincan Bar Association
Daniela Nanau, National Employment Lawyers Association/New York
Deborah Riegel. Esq., New York City Bar Association
Diana Wong, Asian Americans for Equality
Elba Galvan, Esq., National Lawyers Guild, New York City Chapter
Josh Silber, New York State Trial Lawyers Association
Juan Gonzalez, Puerto Rican Bar Association
Kenny Louis, Women’s City Club
Lesley Horton Campbell, Esq., NAACP, Mid Manhattan Branch
Marea L. Wachsman, Esq., Women’s Trial Lawyer Caucus
Meredith Miller, The LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York (Le-Gal)
Merium Malik, Esq., Muslim Bar Association of New York City
Micahel A. Mosberg, Esq., American Academy of Matrimonial Law
Shu’aib Abdur-Raheem, Fortune Society
Dai Wai Chin Feman, Asian American Bar Association of New York
Trina Moore, Association of Black Women Attorneys
Brenda Gill, Fordham Law School

On August 30th, the Independent Judicial Screening Panel reported that the service of incumbents, Hon. Rolando T. Acosta, Hon. Rosalyn Richter and Hon. Troy Webber merit continuation. The Panel also reported the following candidates as most highly qualified for the six vacancies on the New York State Supreme Court, 1st Judicial District:

Anthony Cannataro
David Cohen
Melissa Crane
Erika Edwards
Paul Goetz
Shawn Kelly
Gerald Lebowitz
Verna Saunders
Jennifer Schecter
Adam Silvera
Lisa Sokoloff
Machelle Sweeting
Alex Tisch

Curtis Arluck & Louise Dankberg
Chair & Co-Cair
Judiciary Committee
New York County Democratic Committee