Results of the 2022 Supreme Court Independent Screening Panel

On July 18, 2022, the Supreme Court Independent Screening Panel concluded its deliberations by reporting out as most highly qualified the following candidates:

Hon. Shahabuddeen Ally
Hon. Jim Clynes
Hon. Denise Dominguez
Hon. Gerald Lebovits
Hon. Ilana Marcus
Hon. Phaedra Perry
Hon. Lisa Sokoloff
Hon. Leslie Stroth
Hon. John Wang

The screening panel, administered by Michael Weiner, extensively reviewed the background and experience of a number of applicants and determined these well-deserved candidates would be most qualified to vie for three (3) open positions on the Supreme Court, to be filled at the general election set for November 8, 2022.

On behalf of the Manhattan Democratic Party, County Leader Keith L.T. Wright and Judiciary Co-Chairs Curtis Arluck and Louise Dankberg, we sincerely thank the panel and its administrator for their diligent work and congratulate tonight’s applicants who join the following candidates reported out of previous panels:

Hon. Suzanne Adams
Hon. Althea Drysdale
Hon. Lyle Frank
Hon. Judy Kim
Hon. Sabrina Kraus
Hon. Lou Nock
Hon. Dakota Ramseur
Hon. Cori Weston